Breeding Philosophy

We have developed and are constantly in the process of developing our line of purebred mares.  As we do not stand a stallion, each breeding season we make breeding decisions based on each mare's qualities and the qualities of the purebred Cleveland Bay stallions which are available for breeding. 

We support the SPARKS program which is provided by the Cleveland Bay Horse Society (CBHS) to reduce the rate of inbreeding. 

Our Cleveland Bays, purebred and partbred, are registered with CBHS which provides a record of the purebred and maintains the genetic diversity through accountability of the purebred population. The CBHS holds the purebred Stud Book for the breed.   


Foals for Sale

We reserve the right to retain fillies.

Foal expected April 2020

Foal expected April 2020


Horses for Sale

Epiphanybay Abraham

Purebred Cleveland Bay Gelding

Born May 29, 2013


Epiphanybay Jacob

Purebred Cleveland Bay Gelding

Born April 21, 2016


Frozen semen available

Epiphany Bay Farm, LLC.

Mike and Carlene Kerr


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