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Epiphany Bay Farm


Cleveland Bays

Est 2005

Grace and Arabella at the Equine Medical
Grace's broken leg


At only 8-1/2 weeks, EB Lady Divine Grace suffered a dislodged rib and leg fracture

Breeders of the purebred Cleveland Bay Horse

Breeders of the purebred Cleveland Bay Horse

Cleveland Bays

The Cleveland Bay Horse

Cleveland Bay Horses are quite versatile with successes in eventing, fox hunting, driving, dressage and jumping. 

Cleveland Bay Horses are known for their steady temperament and solid bone conformation. 

They are often crossed with other breeds, primarily Thoroughbreds, to produce the Cleveland Bay Sport Horse.  

About us

About us


Mike and I, Carlene, met in 2001. 

He was a career firefighter and has since retired from an Assistant Fire Chief's position. My career has been and remains in veterinary medicine as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. 

Before we met, Mike's familiarity with horses extended to riding horses for a nickel in front of the G.C.Murphy store.  On the other hand, I have always been drawn to horses. As a teenager, determined to have my own horse, I found a job, saved the money, and purchased my first horse - Netami - in 1974. Netami was with me until 2010. 


Mike and I married in 2003, beginning our journey together. My life-long dream was to have a horse farm and Mike was determined to make the dream a reality. We established our farm in 2005 - Success! 

We breed Cleveland Bay Horses and Sport Horses. One of our goals is to provide the opportunity for others to be introduced to Cleveland Bay Horses. Our hope is for you to learn more about Cleveland Bay Horses.


Enjoy your visit to our website and perhaps become an owner of one or more of these amazing horses.

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